A contributor called Barry (Bazza) has sent a little relic from 1973 called "Tower Of Strength" which was a minor Sydney radio hit by The Rooty Hill R.S.L. Band. The single appeared on the Warm & Genuine label which was co-owned by G. Wayne Thomas. It is not a long song, clocking at just under 2 mins.

Bazza sent it to me to clean and resurrect, and it sounds pretty good considering its age. Bazz and I don't know the member composition of the band in 1973 and have no idea about who was the lead singer. He has a very powerful voice at any rate!

The single was produced by Peter Martin (nowadays Dr. Peter Martin) who worked on various hit singles where big bands were recorded eg. Roly Poly by SCRA - which has a similar sound to this single.

It is almost white soul.
Thanks Bazz. Enjoy!


Can anyone help with this request from Barry?

Hi Tom,

.......further to the Rooty Hill recording you cleaned up, I live only 15 min from the club and I spoke to the entertainment manager regarding any information they might have regarding the band members and singer on the recording for your blog and she was shocked as she never knew that there was a recording and asked me if I could drop in and show her the actual record which I did and also gave her a copy of your cleaned up version on CD for the club to keep and mentioned that you had worked on it to be an acceptable playing version. She passed on her thanks and she asked me if I was able to find anything out about the actual recording could I pass it on to her but as of today I am unable to find anything about singer or the band members ......

Regards Barry


  1. Many Thanks - got a little airplay from 2UW, more for the band's name, but didn't make the Top 40


  2. the link doesn't work. otherwise i'd love to help you find out