Ted Mulry first came to the attention of the music industry when he sent a demo of some of his own compositions to Alberts Publishers in Sydney. He was persuaded to be recorded himself and soon rose to fame as a solo singer/songwriter with his own composition, the pop ballad "Julia", which made the Australian charts in 1970.

His first hits were mostly mushy love songs to various women and one of the early one not yet on CD was "Marcia". There are various other Ted songs on this blog which are not yet on CD. Please use the search facility (top left) to locate them.

The 7" single of "
Marcia" has an unusual start that used phasing and then it was used nowhere else. It was also a short track too just on 3 mins, so as usual, I decided to make the guitar solo repeat and gave it some extra phasing to extend the track out to 4 mins.

Here is the 12" Tom Mix Remix of "


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  1. Tom... at last Thankyou so much. I have been looking for Marcia for ages. This to me is another of those lost Aussie gems from Ted Mulry .. gee we miss him.