In 1972 Sherbet released their first version of "You've Got The Gun" which was given a remake in 1976. It did minor business in the UK on the second outing as it was the follow-up to "Howzat" and was a double A-side with "Rock Me Gently" on the flip.

A couple of my friends, Al and Jim, asked me to fix up the old (3 min 10 sec) 1972 vinyl single of "
You've Got The Gun" because it has not been on CD as of yet. On most CD anthologies it is either the 1976 version or the long 5 minute album version from 1972.

Just about everything Sherbet has recorded has been transferred to CD but some single
versions of their songs are not yet available...WHY????

Maybe the reason the (3 min 10 sec) 1972 single of "You've Got The Gun" has not been on CD is that it was issued in mono to hide the more than 4 clunky edits...and the old single doesn't really sound that great compared to all their other songs of the era...

Here for download is a Tom Mix exclusive. Yes, at last, a CD quality edit of the 1972 single but in stereo form...if you like this edited version then buy the CD album mix as the 2nd verse and instrumental break are removed in the 1972 edit.

For download is the 1972 single mix of "You've Got The Gun":


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  1. My mind boggles at your knowledge about these singles tom running times, edits what's on CD what's not keep up the good work have this single myself but haven't posted it as I thought it was on CD.