Canberra has had its fair share of groups. Saga was one of the longest serving groups that went along changing and evolving but never really having a big break out hit. They started with founding member Jeff Gallimore (drummer) who had been in the group Abbe Gail ca.1971.

Saga kicked off in 1972 and they were still churning out music a decade later. I'm not really sure if they ever stopped evolving. At one stage they were a 6 piece and then back to a 4 piece and then members came and went....

By 1976 Saga were involved in a charity recording subsidised by the Fairfax Media Group who
owned the Canberra Times newspaper amongst others. Their remake of the Dr. Hook track "The Cover Of The Rolling Stone" was given a new Oz comedy slant. Saga's track was called "The Cover Of The Canberra Times". It was not really a novelty track but a cute cabaret number in the same style as Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band.

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This is a very good transfer of this song and still sounds great after all these years.



  1. Hey, I own this! An impulse by from the second hand section of Impact Records in Civic more than twenty years after it was released. I'm amazed anyone else has even heard of it, let alone ripped it. Talk about the long tail.

  2. I know of this song but i have never heard it.