The La De Das had a few hits in N.Z. before venturing to Sydney. Towards the end of 1971, the group thought it was time to get back to the recording studio. They headed to Melbourne's TCS studios for a memorable session. They had decided on "Gonna See My Baby Tonight" for a single, and after a few warm-ups, the track was put down virtually live. The track was just over five minutes long, but successfully edited to a more manageable single length by producer Howard Gable. It was released in November 1971 and reached the top 10 on the charts. This was their fourth single since they had left New Zealand.

In February 1972 the group was in EMI's Sydney Studios to record the all important follow-up single. They were now under the direction of New Zealander Rod Coe to do the recording. Rod had been bass player for Revival and later was also a member of Freshwater. This time the single was Phil Key's "Morning Good Morning". It was certainly one of Phil's finest works, but for some reason it failed to replicate the success of the previous single on the charts.

I purchased the "Morning Good Morning" 45 r.p.m. cheaply while working part time at a Taylor's record shop in Cessnock N.S.W. The reason being, that it didn’t sell, so the manger let me have it for ten cents rather than it sit on the shelves any longer…until I got it home I had never heard it. What a serendipitous find!

Some of the La De Das who had solo careers have tracks located at Ozzie The Music Man's blog (click link):


The mono 7' single of Morning Good Morninghas appeared on C.D. but the stereo album version has not.

Here for download is an extended Tom Mix 12” version of “Morning Good Morning” running almost 5 minutes:


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  1. Hi Tom, Always great to see the La De Das/Kevin Borich getting some worldwide exposure. However you make it sound like "Morning Good Morning" was a complete flop when it certainly wasn't. While not the huge hit it deserved to be, it still peaked around the Top 20 Australia wide, either just inside or just out of it. Maybe people of the town you worked in just had no musical taste, hence your perception of it being a flop LOL