Broderick Smith (born 1948 in Hertfordshire, England) is an Australian singer-songwriter, harmonica, guitar and banjo player. He has been a member of 1970s bands Carson and The Dingoes, 1980s Broderick Smith's Big Combo and performed solo. Some of his work from each of his more famous bands has been on CD but there are some tracks which have missed.

1971-1973: Carson

Carson had formed in January 1970 and was a blues-boogie band influenced by US group Canned Heat, during 1971 Smith replaced founder John Capek, providing vocals and harmonica. After they released a single "Travelling South" in August 1971, Carson performed at the first Sunbury Rock Festival in January, 1972. Smith spent part of 1972 recording two solo singles: "Goin' on Down to the End of the World" released in May 1972 and "Yesterday it Rained" released in February 1973. He also kept up with Carson to record "Boogie, Part 1" / "Boogie, Part 2" which reached #30 on the National charts in September 1972. Carson performed at the 1973 Sunbury Rock Festival, on the Australia Day long weekend. A live recording of their Sunbury set On the Air was released in April 1973.

1973-1978: The Dingoes

The Dingoes were formed in Melbourne in April 1973 by Smith's old band mate Kerryn Tolhurst. The band was formed to fuse rhythm and blues with Australian Bush music but it was generally described as Country Rock. Their best performed singles were "Way Out West" and "Boy on the Run", their 1974 debut self-titled album The Dingoes peaked at #18. They performed at Sunbury Rock Festivals in 1974 and 1975, making Smith one of the few artists who had performed at all four festivals. The Dingoes relocated to USA from 1976 for their next two albums; The Dingoes finally split in February 1979. Smith had already returned to Australia in late 1978.

1979-1988: Big Combo and others

After his 1978 return to Australia, Smith fronted various bands with his name featured: Broderick Smith's Hired Hands (1978-1979), Broderick Smith's Big Combo (1979-1982), Broderick Smith Band (1983-?) and Broderick Smith and the Noveltones (1988). Of these Big Combo provided his best known latter releases with the singles "Faded Roses" and "My Father's Hands" and the album Broderick Smith's Big Combo in 1981.

Broderick Smith's Big Combo Album. This album has not made it to CD although the first single "Faded Roses" has. The second successful single "My Father's Hands" has not.

Album Track Listing:

1 Last Train from Mobil Town
2 Faded Roses
3 Tightrope
4 High Rise
5 Back Off Baby Brother
6 I was Here
7 Fortune Favours the Bold
8 My Father's Hands
9 The Devil Drives
10 Ruby in the Snow

Here for download is a Tom Mix remix of the 2nd single "My Father's Hands":



  1. Thanks Tom. Been looking for "My Fathers Hands" everywhere.Lucky to be an Australian....

  2. Thanks tom. as per previous comment, I've been looking for this track as well. However you said you remixed it. Having listened to it, it sounds exactly like the original, just a clean copy!

  3. Hey Tom are you able to post "Faded roses" I have been looking for this song for a long time without success