The evolution of bands is fascinating as members come and go and bands try to change their style to keep things fresh for the buying public. Tamam Shud was typical of many groups of the 1960s era, beginning in Newcastle as the instrumental band The Four Strangers. They cut a well regarded instrumental single “The Rip”, for Astor in 1964 after which Lindsay Bjerre joined as a member. Their first Festival release in 1965 was a gritty single “Sad And Lonely” (still billed as The Four Strangers), which sold in respectable numbers in hometown Newcastle. At the end of 1965 they changed their name to The Sunsets. During 1966, as they became one of the top bands in Newcastle, they began making forays into Sydney. Under Bjerre's guidance The Sunsets, were steered into a more up-to-date beat style and snared a five-year deal with the Festival. Their recordings are highly prized by 1960s beat fans, and no less than five tracks: “Sad And Lonely”, “When I Found You”, “I Want Love”, Windansea and “Hot Generation” have been anthologised on various C.D. compilations. “When I Found You” was available on CD on the essential Festival 3-disc compilation So You Wanna Be A Rock'n'Roll Star?

During this period they also recorded the music for the soundtracks for Paul Witzig's surf-films A Life In The Sun. The single “Theme From A Life In The Sun” was a very big hit in many parts of Oz. While very successful, this link contributed to them being pigeonholed, quite inaccurately, as a "surf band". When The Sunsets shifted to Sydney's eastern suburbs in 1966 they hooked up with the Harrigan Agency, playing at their venues Surf City, The Star Club and Sunset Disco, and touring with other Harrigan Agency acts. The big turning point came at the end of 1966 when The Sunsets were invited to play a three-month residency at a Surfer's Paradise nightclub owned by TV celebrity Digby Wolfe. Their next phase was to have a new name: Tamam Shud!

Here for download is The Sunsets single, “Theme From A Life In The Sun”, courtesy of Alan K. from Sydney. Alan sent me the basic vinyl recording which I have scraped clean and improved sonically.



  1. Tom

    Love Surf Music, is there much Aussie stuff available from the early 60's that haven't made it to the inevitable Ktel cheapie CD release?


  2. Hi Trev,

    Lots have not made it to albums let alone CD.

    Canetoad CD company in Sydney are issuing goodies at times with surf music...Denvermen CD was out maybe if ya like them you could track it down.


  3. Thanks Tom,
    I am a huge fan of Tamam Shud & Lindsay Bjerre/Tim Gaze.
    I have all the other Sunsets tracks you mentioned, picked up from various compilations, but only had "Life In The Sun" on an old badly recorded tape.
    I can't thank you enough.

    Kind regards
    Garry (Tuggerawong NSW)

  4. Many thanks from me too, Tom. Is there any chance you could post the B side too?


  5. Hey Thanx Tom
    Just came across this when googling "The Sunsets"
    Some great old memories here.
    The band used to play Suday night dance gigs at the Clovelly Surf Club in the 60s, where Maroubra and Bondi surfers used to get into territorial fights.
    It was $1 to get in, $1 a Jug of beer and girls got in for free.
    There were some interesting happenings in the boat-shed during and after the the show.
    John C
    Clovelly (Ex Maroubra)

  6. Sadly Music file now gone

  7. Hi Tom,
    Any chance of re-posting this file? I used to have the vinyl single, but has been lost. Great track.
    John Collins

  8. Hi Tom,

    Can you repost this as I have been searching for a download of this song for ages and it no longer seems to be available.