The Black Diamonds hailed from Lithgow NSW. One of their big early hits was "I Want, Need, Love You". Toward the end of 1967, the Black Diamonds decided to make the big move to Sydney. The Sydney shift proved to be a fruitful one.

On January 1st, 1968 the Black Diamonds became Tymepiece. In August 1968, the band appeared on two simultaneous singles. As Tymepiece, they issued "Bird In The Tree" and producer Pat Aulton also set them up to record a version of The Tokens’ old standard "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" but under the moniker of Love Machine. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was a national top 40 (#18) hit - and its “B” side, the eccentric “Lonely Hearts Club Christmas Club Party has become something of a cult-track - a 12" extended Tom Mix of it is available at DOWNLOAD NO.131.

This download is for the mono Tom Mix remix of the ultra rare Black Diamond's single "I Want, Need, Love You".


This download is for the mono Tom Mix remix of the ultra rare Tymepiece single "Bird In The Tree":



  1. I am proud to have known these guys, it's a great tribute.
    Deb, Lithgow

  2. Hey mate, this band is fantastic. I've had a hard time tracking down their stuff. If you get a chance, would you be able to upload any other tracks they had? Cooper.

  3. hi. garrys@live.com here. I have the festival 45 of "lion aleeps tonight" and a mono master ripped
    from an aussie hits cd. i'd love to get my ears
    around a stereo version of this hit. bloody shits
    me to think that the companies are sitting on all
    those terrific stereo masters and are too stingy
    to release them to us collectors, we won't be around for too much longer and no-one else really
    cares if they lose the tapes or not.