The ensemble Big Red, was the brainchild of studio owner and songwriter, Peter Blyton, film director, George Muskens and silent partner, former "Hush" guitarist and jingle king, Les Gock. Tim Gaze was one of the more prominent musos to be a member of Big Red, he being ex member of Tamam Shud. Chris Lloyds was the Rig Red's lead singer. Chris was born in Melbourne, and at the age of 7 won a Choir Scholarship to attend Christchurch Grammar School, South Yarra. After years of studying music in Melbourne, and then having parents who moved to Fiji, Chris moved to QLD to study and eventually settled there. He has numerous band credits and acting appearances including a stint on “Neighbours”. Chris also had numerous jingles on television...one of the many was his uplifting “Knock on your Door” for the Red Cross Appeal.

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Big Red were described as a jazz rock/reggae band using Queensland's better known session musicians, Big Red went on to become one of the state’s most successful bands. In December 1982, after signing with Polygram Records, "The Traveller", Big Red's first single and film clip, was released to rave reviews. TV shows, Countdown, Sounds, Studio One and others played the surf orientated film clip. “The Traveller" was recorded at the Music Farm. Prior to this, ten songs written by Peter Blyton, Tim Gaze and Chris Lloyds were recorded at Suite 16 in Brisbane, however none of these songs have ever been released on C.D. In 1983 Big Red recorded five songs at Billy Fields' Paradise Studios in Sydney with Bill McDonough producing. Unfortunately these too were never released as the band played its last gig on the 30th June, 1983. One of the more memorable appearances was the day Chris and band appeared at the “Summerjam” outdoor concert with Australian Crawl, Goanna and Bullamakanka.

An incomplete muso list for Big Red: Chris Lloyds, Peter Blyton, Peter Willersdorf, Scott Williams, Tim Gaze (ex Tamam Shud), Robbie France, Annette Henry, Daryl Mitchell, Jon Carson and Brett Williams who went on to join "The Choir Boys".

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