Headband were a blues / rock band who were based in Adelaide and played between 1972-74. Their sole album "A Song For Tooley" sold quite well spending five weeks in the charts and making the Top 50. Prior to this they'd recorded a couple of pop singles, the first was "Land Of Supercars" which got to #13 in Adelaide. The second single "Country Lady" was a minor hit in 1973 charting in Sydney and Adelaide and was included on the album. The single was not representational of the album content which was heavier in nature.

"Country Lady" is a poppy country-tinged song and still after all these years has a jaunty feel a bit like "Mississippi" by American singer, John Phillips. The album has been on C.D. but is no longer available. The "Country Lady" single has not been included on any other compilation.

The original single was about 2 and a half minutes which is very short! This download is a 5 minute extended Tom Mix 12" remake:


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