The Venetians released their first 7" single "Sound On Sound" in 1983 which attracted a lot of airplay. Their second single "Chinese I's" generated some chart action while the band began to build their reputation as a live act. Following the release "Ooh La La" as the first single from the album Step Off The Edge, they got their first major break: as opening act for the Split Enz. From the album, the band released the second single "Shine The Light" in February 1985. Near the end of 1985, Venetians went into the studio with producer Mark Opitz to cut two songs, including the chartbusting "So Much For Love" which scaled the Australian singles charts, peaking at #6 on the national charts in March 1986. The Venetians then embarked on a two-month Australian tour, with The Church, and released "Inspiration," their follow-up to "So Much For Love." Both singles, and a third "If Somebody Loves You" are featured on Calling In The Lions, their first album released on the Chrysalis label. Chrysalis releasing Calling in the Lions and the single "So Much for Love" in the United States. In 1987, the Venetians produced three singles, "Amazing World", "Bitter Tears" and "Must Believe", but the chart success of Calling in the Lions wasn't to be repeated and the band broke up the following year.

The majority of their recording work had 12" remixes done as most of their hits were club oriented dance tracks...There have been some lucky individuals, who've found some of these on compilation dance albums, but the majority of them have not made it to C.D. There is no "Greatest Hits " C.D.


  • "Sound On Sound" (May, 1983) #59
  • "Chinese I's" (November, 1983) #31
  • "Ooh La La" (November, 1984)
  • "Shine The Light" (February, 1985) # 41
  • "So Much for Love" (December, 1985) #6
  • "Inspiration" (March, 1986) #27
  • "If Somebody Loves You" (June, 1986) # 42
  • "Let It All Go" (1986)
  • "Amazing World" (1987) #23
  • "Bitter Tears" (May, 1988) #19
  • "Must Believe" (September, 1988) #28
For download is the original Rock 12" Remix of "So Much For Love" which I had on a DJ promo:


The C.D. of Calling In The Lions was produced back in the late 1980s but has not been re-marketed since. A contributor to Midoz called Skids has the C.D. album for download (128kb bit rate, so quality is a bit low) at this URL:



  1. Thanks for sharing this! A very nice find as I didn't know a remix existed!!

    Do you have anything else to share from them????

    Thank you!!!

  2. i've never seen the debut on cd but it should be remastered on cd and "calling in the lions" cd cost me over $100 but was worth it.