Martin Plaza is the pseudonym of Martin Edward Murphy, (born 1956, Sydney, NSW), a member of Oz band Mental As Anything. Plaza has worked in other bands and is an accomplished artist. In 1986, Plaza had a #38 hit with "Best Foot Forward" and #4 hit in Australia with the 1960s Unit 4+2 song "Concrete and Clay", the subsequent solo album Plaza Suite also charted.

Click here for “Concrete And Clay” 12” at Ozzie Music Man site:


In 1991 another planned solo album morphed into a collaboration with former member of Models, James Freud. Entitled Beatfish, it became one of the very first Australian Dance or House flavoured albums.


  • "Best Foot Forward" - (April 1986) #34
  • "Concrete and Clay" - May 1986) #4
  • "Use Me All Over" - (July 1986)
  • "Labour of Love" - (1990) #38
  • "Satellite of Love" - (May 1994)
  • "Women" - (August 1994)
For download is the original 12" mix of "Best Foot Forward":



  1. Hiya! I've been frequently amazed by the tom tom mix you do on these classic tracks. (well, not this example I guess as it is the original, but you know what I mean).

    I'm a huge Models AND James Freud fan, and I was wondering if you did any remixes of Modern Girl, Enemy Lines, or Automatic Crazy, or indeed any Models tracks? (Two Cabs to the Toucan comes to mind as having huge scope for remix).

    Anyway, loving your site - all the best!

  2. Hi, would love to get a flac of this please, sorry, can't stand mp3s, they sound awful.

  3. I agree with the MP3 quality (But at least you get it!!), but if you can I would still like to get this mix. \Now unfortunately, all these links are down because rapidshare is a no longer service.

    The Christie Allen I would have liked plus a couple others. Hope someone checks on this and re-ups these links again. Great Site. I'm also looking for the -The Aliens Translator LP. have the single for "Confrontation". Also Andrew Durant memorial. Thanks again !!!