Christie Allen (real name June Allen) b: 12 September 1954 U.K. d: 12 August 2008 Perth Western Australia. Whilst performing in a band, Pendulum, with her brothers in Perth she came to the attention of songwriter and record producer Terry Britten (he co-wrote "Devil Woman" for Cliff Richard). Impressed by Christie's vocal ability, he began working with her and a recording contract with Mushroom resulted. She released her first single "You Know That I Love You", which although it wasn’t a major hit, did attract enough airplay and positive reviews to indicate bigger things for the future. Her next three singles from her debut album Magic Rhythm were substantial hits. The first single was a ballad "Falling In Love With Only You", in April, 1979. Her next two singles were strongly influenced by the popular disco style - "Goosebumps" in September, 1979, and "He's My Number One" in 1980. With 7” single sales of 60,000, "Goosebumps" would be Christie's greatest success and was one of the highest selling singles of the year. When "Goosebumps" took off, she toured with The Hot Band which comprised Greg Cook (guitar; ex-Cam-Pact, Mondo Rock), Max Chazan (guitar; ex-Rubes), Michael Hegerty (bass; Richard Clapton Band), Rick Puchala (drums; Richard Clapton Band) and Bruce Haymes (organ; ex-Rubes, Richard Clapton Band).

Her final album Detour had 3 singles. The album and singles have never been released on C.D. Considering she outsold most of the other people in her era it is a shame that her work is not more widely recognised.


  • "You Know That I Love You" - Mushroom (1978) #67
  • "Falling in Love with Only You" - Mushroom (April, 1979) #20
  • "Goosebumps" - Mushroom (September, 1979) #3
  • "He's My Number One" - Mushroom (January, 1980) #4
  • "Magic Rhythm" - Mushroom (May, 1980) #38
  • "Baby Get Away" - Mushroom (August, 1980) #38
  • "Switchboard" - Mushroom (November, 1980)
  • "Don't Put Out the Flame" - Mushroom (March, 1981) #68

I have extended and remixed one of Christie's last singles “Baby Get Away” which now has massive driving drums and runs a good 6 minutes…so anyone who wants an aerobic workout get this one, it’s hot! Oh, and please feel free to phone a music executive and ask why Christie's last work has not been placed on C.D.?



  1. Thanks heaps for this extended version. I agree.. whn will the record companies wake up to great Aussie talent and re-release her work

  2. Thanks for this one Tom. I would never say I was Christie's biggest fan but I certainly have a lot of respect for what she achieved in the face of much personal adversity adversity. Plus Christie shows a lot more grunt on this song than on her earlier releases so it's the best thing she ever did in my opinion. And of course this just gives us all an extra 2 minutes of that best. Many thanks again


  3. Tom. All I can say about this remix of yours is "WOW". Great job & keep up the great work. I love Christie & can't beleive my ears on hearing this. Thankyou. Peter

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    you wouldnt have DETOUR for dl?
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  5. ps is there a mix of Number 1?

  6. hey mate can you repost Detour by Christie Allen she was a great singer.

  7. Hi Tom,nice site mate,full of great music.Is there any chance you could put a link for (Goosebumps).I've seen a mix,but the link is dead.Cheers.

  8. Tom can I have the track listing for Christe Allen Detour thanks Cleo

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