Rod Kirkham, born 1955, was a graduate of Johnny Young's long-running TV show Young Talent Time who later had his own show, Rod's Fun Palace. He has long been married to actor Barbara Llewellyn, with whom he wrote “Married And Loving It”. He currently resides in QLD and writes books on "Self-Help" topics.


1971 – “Wobbly” #41 Melbourne

1973 - "I Can't Get Sunday Out Of My Mind" #34 Sydney #26 Melbourne #35 Adelaide

1973 - "That's Where The Music Takes Me" #35 Melbourne

1974 - "My Song"

None of Rod’s work has been on C.D. but his second hit "I Can't Get Sunday Out Of My Mind" was distributed by K-Tel on their “Superbad” album of 1973, albeit in an edited take of the original single.

For download I have extended Rod's 1973 hit "I Can't Get Sunday Out Of My Mind".

Please note this is a wave file download not an mp3, so quality will be excellent:


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