Andrew and Lissa Barnum met producer Mark Moffat who got them signed to the Hot Music Co. through Festival / EMI records as an independent act called Vitabeats. Vitabeats created their national independent dance hits “Boom Box” and “Audrey Hepburn” which led to the release of the album “Spot the Spanner” in the mid 80s. Andrew wrote all the songs on the album. Throughout his music career, art and design has always been an important ingredient, together with Lissa creating covers and designs for Inxs, Eurogliders, Vitabeats, Mark Callaghan, Mary Jo Starr, Jenny Morris (QED), Anne Kirkpatrick, Audio Murphy, Fully Functional (funk compilation), Loudspeaker, Red Rivers, Mark Lucas and Bloomers One. The single had not been on an official C.D. but in 2004 a modern dance remix was issued.

Here is the original
Boom Boxsingle:


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