Here is another single from an Australian band The Runners which has not made it to C.D. The single "Twins" was released in 1984 after their first Runners album and singles had been out circa 1983. The band was: Mark Edwards (v,g), Paul McNaughton (b,v), Trevor Reading (g,v), & Grant Hamston (d,v). Paul McNoughton, bass player for The Runners became Paul Norton and had a couple of huge Aussie hits in 1989 with "Stuck On You" and "Under A Southern Sky". Prior to this, singer Mark Edwards also released an album and several singles. Paul McNaughton (Norton) is also the husband of Wendy Stapleton, lead singer with Wendy And The Rockets, another Melbourne based band from the 80's. (See posting for Wendy and The Rockets 12" of "Play The Game" further over).

Here is the single


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