Chuck McKinney b: Chicago USA d: Sep. 1994 Australia. Chuck came to Australia in the production of the rock musical Hair in 1969 after finishing a run in the New York production. The Aussie cast included former Cam-Pact member Keith Glass, actors Reg Livermore and John Waters, and several African-American singers specially imported for the show. One was Marcia Hines the other the late Chuck McKinney. Chuck had met and married Sydney-born Maggie during the run of the show Hair, and when the production finally closed at the end of 1973, the McKinneys formed the Hot City Bump Band with four local musicians, including drummer Mick Holden (ex-The Mixtures) plus West Indian percussionist Robert Ellis. John Adolphus (guitarist) was also part of the group but replaced by Noel Davies. David Green was bassist. David McMaster played the organ.

Singles: 1974 - "Come Together". 1974 - "Time Is On Your Side". Aug. 1975 - "Do What You Wanna Do" which got to position #20 nationally. Jan. 1976 - "Ain't No Use".

After the Hot City Bump Band broke up, Chuck launched a solo career for a nanosecond and produced a 7” recording of “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” which is a major 45 r.p.m. rarity these days.

Chuck was multi talented and appeared in numerous movies and shows made in Oz. He played the pirate Samuel in the 1982 Pirate Movie and was in The Odd Angry Shot (1979), Skyways, The Johnny O’Keefe Story (he played Little Richard), Mission Impossible (1988), Beyond My Reach (1990) and many others. Chuck appeared on John Farnham's 1990 album Chain Reaction and also toured as a back-up singer in the John Farnham Band. Maggie has fronted numerous bands over the years the aptly named Maggie McKinney Band was one.

The song for download is a mono attenuated edited vinyl version, of "Do What You Wanna Do" which the K-tel people edited to less than 3 minutes (which was used as the source for this copy)...you can see on the label of the 7" single (click above picture) it originally was 3 mins 24 secs...

I thought that people in the music business by now would have released this gem on C.D. but obviously not!


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  1. Well, welcome to the world of short, fat and bald, as must be the world of all the people like me who bort the 'do what you wanna do' single in 1975..
    Redeye records have full version on a 70s compilation CD. And the countdown clip is on youtube now