Co Caine’s line-up in 1971 was Mitch Burns (sax), Clif Edwards (bass) studio only, Arthur Eizenburg (bass), Bernie McGann (sax), John "Ernie" McInerny (drums), Ian Mawson (keyboards), Russell Smith (guitar), Jeremy Noone (sax), Gulliver “Kevin” Smith (vocals), Russell Smith (gtr) and Trevor Wilson (bass). Backing vocals by Danny Robinson - ex The Wild Cherries, The Virgil Brothers.

In Nov. 1971 an album calledA Product of a Broken Reality” is released (Generation GE/LP 004)…Tracks include: "Symptoms", "Trixie Stonewall's Wayward Home For Young Women", "The Cell”, "Theme for Vishdungarius", "Woman With Reason", "Simple Song of Spring", "The Day Superman got Busted", "It's Up to You", "Go See the Gypsy", "The Last Scene".

A critic wrote of the album…“The more musically adventurous tracks are balanced by three powerful and memorable ballads. One, "Woman With Reason" has thrilling vocal backing by Danny Robinson who also sings on "Trixie" and "Symptoms".

From the album one single was released: Sep.1971: "Trixie Stonewall's Wayward Home For Young Women".
The mono single of "Trixie Stonewall", is now just as collectible as the LP. Then a further single, not from the album, was issued by this line-up in late 1971 "Dear Carolyn", backed by the hilarious rocker "Now I'm Together", the last release from the first incarnation of the band.

Here for download is the rare mono single of "Trixie Stonewall's Wayward Home For Young Women" :


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