As you know I like to promote Aussie things you can't find on C.D. - Tommy Dorsey is not an Aussie but hey I am!

In 1956, Tommy Dorsey died at age 51 in Greenwich, Connecticut USA. Jimmy Dorsey (brother of Tommy) led his brother's band until he died a year later in 1957. Then in 1958, trombonist Warren Covington assumed leadership of the band with Jane Dorsey's blessing (she owned the rights to her late husband Tommy's band and name) and it produced, ironically, the biggest selling hit record ever released under the Dorsey name. Billed as the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, they topped the charts in 1958 with “Tea For Two Cha-Cha which got to #52 in America and similar here in Oz.

I will be age 51 soon (I'm not planning on being deceased just yet), and I was coincidentally born in 1958, so what an appropriate song to give the Tom Mix treatment.

I have merged a techno bass line and edited the original classic to give it the doof-doof sensibility of today’s youth market. The sub woofer effect is really good! My techno Tom Mix version has been credited as: Tom Mix Vs Tommy Dorsey - “T Cha Fa 2”.

Play loud, play often and annoy the public in your local area with the sub woofer bass.


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