The Nolan Buddle Quartet was built around two major artists, Colin Nolan and Errol Buddle. Their hit "Picnic At Hanging Rock" has been well remembered by all of us old enough to live through the 1970s.

Col Nolan from Sydney is known as the Grandfather of the Hammond organ. Col has been in the music business over forty years, much of his time was spent with band leaders such as - Frank Coughlan (of Sydney Trocadero fame), Ray Price, John Sangster, plus The Daly Wilson Big Band (of which he was a founding member) and so on. He was something of a pioneer of electric keyboards and Hammond B3 organ in Australia with Little Sammy and The In People in the sixties, and his own Soul Syndicate. Plus, The Galapagos Duck in the seventies and eighties. Col Nolan and Errol Buddle also enjoyed some fame in the mid seventies with that rare phenomenon in popular music, a jazz record that made it big on the top 40 - “Theme From Picnic at Hanging Rock” recorded in 1976 by The Nolan Buddle Quartet.

Errol Buddle from Adelaide has played Sax (Tenor), Flute and Drums for most of his career. One of his early gigs was being a backing muso for the “Flying Circus” album of 1969 on such songs as “Hayride” and “La La”. Errol also played backing for Sister Janet Mead’s album to go with “The Lord’s Prayer”.

Picnic at Hanging Rock” reached #13 in 1976. The song was split over 2 sides of the vinyl 7”. I have joined both parts to create my own special extended Tom Mix version.


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