Newcastle NSW used to have a great live music scene in the previous century but nowadays you'd be hard pressed to find many local bands working live. D.V.8 is an exception. They are still going strong today while others have come and gone.

In the late 1970s when D.V.8 front man, guitarist Greg Bryce was barely out of school he formed a power trio called Meccalissa with friends Mark Middleton (bass) and Darrell Mepham (drums) which went on to play to packed audiences at the legendary Star Hotel. (Darrell is another of my distant cousins from the Hunter Valley). This was the essential line up of DV8 - an original band of hard-driving, no frills blues-rockers who released 4 charting albums and many singles during the eighties when they ruled the local live rock scene.

The D.V.8 were very popular locally but didn't make it on a national level. Their song "She Goes" was released in 1980 and is a rare collector's item.


Derby Street Blues / Kill the Warden (Angelwood ) - 1979.
She Goes (Down to the Sea) / Jenny (Confidential) - 1980.
Dry Your Eyes / Without You (EMI Custom ) - 1982.
Dead Giveaway - 1985.
Hitch Hiker (Confidential ) - 1987.
Down to the Sea - circa 1988.

Here is "She Goes":

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