Models are a pop/rock/dance group from Melbourne, Australia, which formed in August 1978 and went into hiatus circa 1988 and have reformed a couple of times when they feel moved to do so.

James Freud started as their vocalist in 1982, after a couple of non-charting singles with their original line-up. In time, the band crafted a slick sound and had massive hits here and in the USA. James also had a solo career in-between group success.


Early Morning Brain 1979 (non-album shared single)
Owe You Nothing 1980 (non-album single)
Cut Lunch (EP) 1981 #14 AUS
Local &/or General 1981
Unhappy 1982 (non-album single)
On 1982
I Hear Motion 1983 #12 AUS
No Shoulders No Head 1983
God Bless America 1984 #60 (charted NSW only)
Tropic of Cancer 1984 (non-album single)
Big on Love 1984 #21 AUS
Barbados 1985 #8 AUS
Out of Mind Out of Sight 1985 #1 AUS #22 USA
Cold Fever 1985 #28 AUS #29 USA
King of Kings 1986 #55 AUS (charted NSW only)
Evolution 1986 #22 AUS
Let's Kiss 1986 #26 AUS
Hold On 1987 #17 AUS
Oh Darling 1987 #34 AUS

One of the Model’s lesser known singles “King of Kings” came out for Christmas 1985. All proceeds were donated to the Salvation Army but it only charted in NSW so it probably didn’t make too much cash. The song contains portions of the famous speech spoken by Martin Luther King, “I have a dream”.

As you can see from the pictures above the A-side had a picture of a playing card and all the recording information was on the B-side. The B-side played at 33 1/3 RPM while the A-side was at 45 RPM - a very novel feature. There are not that many 7” releases that can boast different speeds on both sides.

The original single mix was not a dance track but by adding a new rhythm section and some phasing I have created a new Tom Mix extended dance mix of "King of Kings". Enjoy!



  1. Amazing work, as always!

    How about having a crack at Modern Girl by James Freud? Or the more cryptic Enemy Lines?

  2. Hi, used 'http://tommixmusic.blogspot.com/'
    as the pword for opening some K Borich songs.
    No workie! Help?
    Cheers john.

  3. According to my counter over 50 people have downloaded the song and had no probs...you are the first to say anything about it. If you can't download it then get one of your friends to have a go.


    Tom Mix