Diane "Di" Horder was born ca.1949 in the Hunter Valley NSW and is one of my mother's distant relatives. Di cut her teeth singing vocals live at the Palais Royale in Newcastle with a band called Hi-Fi's. One of my dad's cousins Barry Livermore was also a vocalist for this band. Barry and Di are still going strong as of 2009.

Ex Hi-Fi member Alan Greedy (drummer) helped me piece together some information which we sumitted to the Newcastle Bands Database site. Click the following link:


Di Horder started singing at the age of 5. In her late teens she was on Bandstand. Di had 2 singles on the Spin record label in the late 1960s before moving into live performances on TV shows such as The Mike Walsh Show and The Don Lane Show where she did regular appearances. She is very accomplished and has a definite feel for jazz tracks. She is still performing up north around Byron Bay as of 2009.


A - "Here Comes The Morning" (Clark-Trent) arranged by Rocky (Rory) Thomas. Spin EK-1990, EL-32907 1967.

B - "Don’t Bother Me" (George Harrison). Spin EK-1990, 1967.

A - "The Golden Days" (Goffin-King). Spin EK-2362 1968.

B - "Here At The Stagedoor" (Goffin-King). Spin EK-2362 1968.


Di Horder appears on the Spin compilation album “So Good Together" LP EL-32907.

For download is an extended Tom Mix version of her 1967 hit "Don't Bother Me" a track written by George Harrison of The Beatles:



  1. From Aberdeen the home of the Astoria Cafe I believe. Steve Hickey

  2. Just watched a few clips of hers on a 'Bandstand' DVD - she appeared on a show with The Hollies.

  3. Di Horder was also related to my late Partner, Alan Horder who died January 1986