Coconut Rough was a band from NZ that formed in 1983 when lead singer Andrew Snoid decided to leave the popular New Zealand group The Swingers and go back to his homeland. The Swingers recorded the international hit “Counting The Beat” and by 1982 they were based in Australia. When back home in NZ Andrew reunited with old friend and guitarist Mark Bell, whom he had worked with in the past, and the two formed this new band, along with bassist Dennis Te Whare, keyboardist Stuart Pearce and drummer Paul Hewitt.

They decided on the name "Coconut Rough" - a disc shaped chocolate bar popular in Australia and New Zealand. The band's biggest hit was also their first, 1983's "Sierra Leone", got to #5 in the New Zealand pop charts and was in the top 100 in Oz in the club charts. The second single to do business was "As Good As It Gets".

The critics disliked the band's overall commercial sound. This coupled with the band's declining success on the charts resulted in the band receiving gradually lessening support from their record label Mushroom;
by the time the band released their 1984 debut album, that support was minimal. This contributed heavily to the band's dissolution. The last person to become a member of the band, guitarist and former Swingers band mate Bones Hillman, eventually became the replacement bassist for the Aussie super group Midnight Oil upon Peter Gifford’s's departure.

Here for download is the original extended 12" mix which is slightly longer than the single but has much more depth to the bass and so forth...enjoy!



  1. Does any one have their album? Would really love that

  2. Hard to find mix...any chance of a re-up? Thx in advance!