Shona Laing was born 1955 New Zealand and had been recording for a decade or so before one of her self-penned tracks "(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy" took off in various markets around the globe. Shona is still working in NZ doing small venues and enjoying life.

Shona had several big hits in NZ before cracking the big time in Oz:

1973 - 1905 #14 NZ
1973 - Show Your Love #8 NZ
1973 - Masquerade #7 NZ
1975 - I Love My Feet #1 NZ
1985 - America #2 NZ
1987 - (Glad I'm') Not a Kennedy #10 AUS/NZ
1987 – Soviet Snow
1987 - Drive Baby, Drive #5 AUS/NZ
1992 - Walk Away (42nd Street) #9 NZ
1992 - Fear Of Falling #3 NZ
1992 - Thief To Silver #3 NZ

The 7" single of "(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy" was recorded in NZ and released in 1987 in Oz. It has appeared on several CD compilations over the years and so too the album version, which is still available on CD from overseas, but the 12" dance remix by Martin Rushent (UK producer of the best dance mixes of the 1980s) has not yet made it to CD locally. Martin also remixed the single for release in the UK and to my knowledge it has not been on CD.

The 12" vinyl record has 5 songs:
"(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy" (12" remix by Martin Rushent),
"Resurrection" (7" Martin Rushent remix),
"(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy" (7" Version remixed by Peter Wilson),
"Sally Gap" (7"),
"(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy" (7" Martin Rushent remix).

The Martin Rushent 12" went about 4:34 mins and although it sounds great it was missing an intro and a section for cross-fading...which is paramount for when you have to swap from one groove to the next when working as a live DJ... To remedy this I made my own version with both missing elements added. My version goes close on 6:00 mins.

Mark Walker from QLD has requested several times to get some more NZ artists on this blog. I shall endeavour to throw some more into the mix soon. Thanks for the suggestion Mark.



  1. Thanks heaps for this Tom Mix - I've got the 45 but your remix sounds even better. A very satirical song as I remember. The Kennedy's really did have a bad run, that's for sure. Fame doesn't always pay as they say. So, Glad I'm Not A Kennedy too!

  2. Hard to find mix...any chance of a re-up? Thx in advance!