I have been collecting music for over 40 years and this past week I've finally got a copy of Ted Mulry's long version of "Falling In Love Again". The original 7" single went 3:05 mins and the long version which has a false ending goes 3:45 mins. It was written by Vanda & Young from the Easybeats.

The song was a massive hit in Oz placing at #1 nationally and it was entered in the Yamaha Music Festival, officially known as World Popular Song Festival, in 1971. Ted went from bulldozer driver to pop singer on the back of this one glorious hit song.

I have had numerous music collectors over the years write and ask for copies of this track as it is widely known in Europe and South Africa. Ted's old film clip that played on European music TV shows was of the longer version of the song. This song has recently appeared on YouTube but the quality is not as good as found in this download.

The copy I have is from N. Judd from the Vanda & Young album found further over in the posting for their song "Superman".

Many thanks, Mr Judd for the long version of
"Falling In Love Again":



  1. Tom,

    The Stereo version of this long version also appeared on the Telethon 71 Album released by EMI in 71 to help raise funds for TVW7's Annual Telethon and was sold via Shell Service Stations, that Album also featured the Stereo Version of The Girl That I Love, which was recently released on Shakin' All Over - Australian Pop of the 60's Vol 1.

  2. Alas, this "Falling in Love Again" is hard to find, and your link here was down as of today. Can you re-upload it, I wonder? I'd LOVE to get a copy of this song, as I intend to put it in a set of songs I'm working on, and would like to hear that Middle 8, which I can't work out from the sheet music alone....