Warren Carr hailed from Newcastle NSW. He first came to the attention of rock'n'roll fans in 1960 as a pianist with instrumental group, The Keydets. The band played local Hunter Valley dances. It also included Gil Mathews, who went on to work with Max Hamilton's Impacts in the sixties and Billy Thorpe's Aztecs in the seventies.

A regular face on Brian Henderson's "Bandstand", Warren began his solo career in 1961 with "Lil' Ole Me" written by American session pianist Jerry Smith. The song became Warren's fist national hit (1961) and he also enjoyed healthy sales with three follow up singles: "You Are My Sunshine", "The Harry Lime Theme" and "Rondo".

After his top 40 hits dried up Warren worked as a backing muso on many big Oz hits. His longest role was as "Mr Music" on TV's "Play School". The actors could always rely on him to improvise any kind of incidental music for their TV segments.

Warren's sons Mike and Darren Carr have ventured into the mu
sic business. Both boys have worked in various groups and bands. One of their regular gigs is with the backing band for Melinda Schneider.

Enjoy a little honky-tonk piano work from the flying fingers of Warren Carr...

The first download is an extended Tom Mix version of his 1961 hit "Lil' Ole Me" taken from a CD master copy:


Warren's second hit "You Are My Sunshine" is available at Friday On My Mind BlogSpot (click link): http://mymusicrip.blogspot.com/

The third download is
a copy of the vinyl 7" of "The Harry Lime Theme" cleaned up from the Ozburn collection:


The final download is a copy of the vinyl 7" of
"Rondo" courtesy of Alan K. a regular contributor to this blog (the version here is much better in quality than the Ozburn equivalent thank you Alan):


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