Mike Williams was a cast member of the Mike Walsh Midday Show which was a very popular daytime variety TV program 1970s - 1980s. Because Mike Williams had a head of profuse ringlet curls he was affectionately called "Shirley".

In 1981 Mike Williams with the help of some famous friends tried his hand at producing a celebratory song
called "The Year Of The Eel" because The Parramatta Eels Ruby League Team were on top and had won the shield. The rugby team's name derives from the fact that at one time the river at Parramatta was famous for its abundant slippery eels.

Ray Hoff and Russell Dunlop are just 2 of the musos who helped "Shirley" on this double-sided 7" single.

An interesting connection:

One of my ancestors a convict called William Haigh [Hague] became an "overseer" at the Parramatta Female Factory and Orphanage in 1818. When he retired he continued to work as an "eel catcher" for the township of Parramatta until he died in 1834. William's orphaned daughter Hannah Haigh aka Thompson married Robert Rope at Mudgee.


Regular contributor Jimmy Barnes has once again found and supplied this rare gem. The download is in a zip file which contains both versions of the song and copies of all the record labels and covers. Many thanks Jimmy B. for you are also a rare gem.


NB. "Ozzie The Music Man" (located in the links section on left of screen) has a song by Mike Williams for download, make sure you check it out.

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