This big download packs a punch with over 20 songs in great condition all scraped clean using "Click Repair" technology. Some songs are from the Ozburn collection which I've cleaned up dramatically and in some cases repaired. One song is from a Midoztouch contributor but most songs are from my own vinyl copies. They are in a zip file with a password: http://tommixmusic.blogspot.com/

All songs are 320KB mp3 files. It will take a fair while to download (155244 KB). Don't forget to say thanks in the comment box - as suggested by the folks at the Midoztouch forum...


Kevin Kitto Singers - The Lights Of Adelaide (Mono Single Mix)

Vic Christopher - All His Children (Mono Single Mix)

Ticket - Country High (Mono Single Mix)

Nolan Buddle Quartet - Picnic At Hanging Rock (Jazz Mix)

Mega Set - We'll Be Together (Mono Single Mix)

Marc Hunter - X-Ray Creature

Mad Turks - Tempers Fire

Lobby Loyde - Liberate Rock (Ext Tom Mix)

Liv Maessen - Here I Go Again (Mono Single Mix)

Lester Coombs - I'm Fine Thank You (Mono Single Mix)

Lee Conway - Wanted Man

Kal-Q-Lated Risk - Looking Through The Eyes Of A Beautiful Girl

John Macrae - Soldiers (Mono Single Mix)

Jimmy Hannan - You Make Me Happy (Mono Single Mix)

Jelly Roll Big Band - I've Been Away Too Long

Jel Ellff - Going Nowhere (Mono Single Mix)

Jel Eliff - Cotton Jenny (Mono Single Mix)

Jamie "Agro" Dunn - Fun Fun Fun (Mono Single Mix)

Hot Cottage - Made To Love You

Frank Hyde - Danny Boy (Mono Single Mix)

Brass Carnival - One Little Kiss (Mono Single Mix)

Avalanche - Wizard Of Love




  1. Again, many thanks for these awesome hard to find songs

  2. I can't say that I was huge Liv Maessen fan back in the 70's but it sounds great...many thanks for bringing her back to life for me.

    Is there any chance that you might post "Here I Go Again" as a single download. I'd really like to hear it.

    Thanks again,

  3. Wonderful site. Many thanks and eternal gratitude for all the hard work that goes into presenting all these treasures that may otherwise be lost forever. Words are never enough.

  4. Hello i would love to download the song Kevin Kitto Singers - The Lights Of Adelaide (Mono Single Mix)i have been looking for it everywhere. The link to download it doesn't work and i was hoping you can tell me if i can still get it?

    thankyou, Kind Regards,

  5. Hello :)
    I had a copy of The Lights of Adelaide when I grew up in Adelaide.
    I'd love to hear the other side 'Let's Go Walkabout' please if you have it as I no longer know where my record is.
    Cheers, Kaye :)