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Lorrae Desmond went to the UK circa 1955 and recorded numerous songs. Four have been issued on CD in the UK to date. The CDs are: "Lipstick, Nylons, Petticoats & Stilettos", "As Good As It Gets - Skiffle Vol.2" and "Female Vocalists Of The 1950s".

Lorrae’s first television appearance was in “Teleclub”, on radio in “Twelve Thousand Miles From Home” and appeared with actor Terry Thomas in “Strictly T-T” and “The Terry Thomas Show”, and in the comedy sitcom “Trouble For Two” with Jacqueline Mackenzie in 1958 (the year I was born).

Her own TV shows were “Meet Lorrae Desmond” and “Swing Along With Lorrae” on BBC. Also she appeared in cabaret and pantomime. In the early 1950s she was in a travelling variety show that played for the troops in the Suez Canal deployment and later in the 1960s she played for the troops in Vietnam. She returned permanently to Australia where she was very successful and appeared in the long-running series “A Country Practice” as Shirley Gilroy, which she played from 1981-1992.

The songs Lorrae recorded for Parlophone were all produced by a young George Martin the man who became the 5th Beatle in the 1960s. *Lorrae has an interesting story about George Martin. Apparently he was notorious for listening to the first take and then turning the sound down so he could do other things while the singers did umpteen more takes. Lorrae changed the words to "Tall Paul" while she was recording the second take making them very raunchy. She bounded up into the box and asked George how the last take sounded. George said, "Great". So Lorrae asked him to play it back for her. I am told the colour of his face changed markedly when he heard it. (*This excerpt is from Lorrae's friend DT).

The following download contains 3 tracks which have been taken from the abovementioned UK CDs currently on sale. I have extended and remixed them to be a little punchier than their original vinyl equivalents. If you like the remixes don't forget to buy the originals on CD while stocks last!

There is a password on the zip file: http://tommixmusic.blogspot.com/

The remixes are:

Preacher Preacher - Tom Mix 12"
You Must Be Around - Tom Mix 12"
Kansas City Special - Tom Mix 12"


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