Steve Mulry is the younger brother of Australian music legend Ted Mulry. Ted Mulry and Les Hall (of TMG) wrote the A side of the single which is for download here.

Steve Mulry began singing in the 1980s with well known Oz band Axis. He followed this band with Hyperactiv!, M-16 and Stoker. During Steve’s time with Stoker he underwent a series of singing lessons to broaden and strengthen his vocal range gaining the results he intended. The Aussie tribute concert called The Deep Purple Show took Steve on an extensive tour of New Zealand where he met partner Lil’ (Loz) Marlow. Back in Australia
it was being increasingly hard to keep a constant line up for Stoker and 18 months later Steve was approached by George Muscat to join his band Black Label and was eventually rewarded enough to get a constant stream of gigs supported by a growing legion of loyal fans. With new member changes, it became apparent a new direction had formed that out grew Black Label’s style. A more aggressive, edgy writing and playing style had emerged. Steve Mulry is nowadays a founding member of a rock outfit called Lawless Breed.

Here for download are two M-16 hits in one zip file, B-side "I Need You" and A-side "Givin' Up On Your Love". Both songs come courtesy of Barry H. who sent them along for some sonic re-shaping. Barry also sent scans of the disc labels. Enjoy, and many thanks, Bazza!


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  1. I sincerely hope you're gettin' interest in these two tracks.
    Cheers to ya.
    Steve Mulry