Leo De Castro (real name Leo De Castro Kino) was a NZ singer with a big soulful voice whose career stalled in NZ so he moved to Australia in 1969 and headed for Sydney and joined the Browns, which included Ronnie Peel from the Pleazers. (Ronnie Peel lives in Newcastle nowadays not far from where I work). Leo then worked with a group called Leo and Friends. The band broke up at the start of 1970, so in September 1970 he formed King Harvest. They immediately earned acclaim as one of the “heavy” bands on the progressive rock circuit. King Harvest broke up in September 1971, when De Castro formed Flite for a couple of months, but by December 1971 he had formed a different group called Friends. In 1972 they recorded a fairly successful single called "B. B. Boogie" which was on the Col Joye label ATA. One of their other singles "Lucille" was a live recording. It got to #48 on the national charts in March 1973 - selling mostly in Melbourne and Adelaide. By mid 1973 Friends had broken up, not before performing at Sunbury 1973.

For download is the 12" Friends song “B. B. Boogie”:


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