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Carson had formed in January 1970 and was a 3 chord boogie band influenced by US group Canned Heat. During 1971 Broderick Smith replaced founder John Capek, providing vocals and harmonica. Other members included Greg Lawrie, Ian Ferguson, Tony Lunt and Ian Winter. After they released a single "Travelling South" in August 1971, Ferguson left to be replaced successively by Barry Sullivan and then Garry Clarke; Mal Logan joined later that year. Carson performed at the first Sunbury Rock Festival in January, 1972. Their next single after their exposure at Sunbury fired up a lot of business. The 7” single "Boogie, Part 1" backed with "Boogie, Part 2" reached #30 on the National charts in September 1972. Their following album “Blown” contained another version of “Boogie” but it was substantially different to the single and the record buying public were a little disappointed with the new version – I know I was because it lacked the punch of the single. The single version was two edits of a seven minute master but this was not on the album and both parts have never been edited back together for CD. I’ve posted a vinyl 12" bootleg promo where both sides of the single were joined to provide seven minutes of timeless boogie, enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for helping keep Aussie oldies songs alive ,much appreciated