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The Orphans were Alex Burns (v), Michael Bright (g,v), Cres Crisp (k), Alex Batsch (b) and Jim Logan (d). They were around from 1981-1983, releasing two singles on LRB guitarist David Briggs' Rough Diamond Records. The singles were "Hop Skip Jump" which charted as high as #23 in 1982. You can view the clip on YouTube. The second single was
"Big Ronnie" backed with "19th Nervous Breakdown" and a live mix of the title track "Big Ronnie".

Band member Michael Bright had previously been in Melbourne band Loose Trousers (1 single on Mushroom) who included future Aussie Crawl drummer Bill McDonough. In 1986 Burns, Bright, Crisp and Logan reformed as Melbourne blues band Vacation In Harlem who issued 1 album on Muscland in 1989. From there Alex Burns has become a highly acclaimed institution on the Melbourne blues scene, releasing several albums during the 90's in partnership with with his regular sidekick Nick Charles through till 1997. He has since issued 2 further solo albums to continuing plaudits, including a detour into Hawaiian music "Twilight Blues" (1999) and his debut solo blues album "The Blues Is Here To Stay" (2005)

NB. These band notes are from my mate Mick R. who says he got it from a reliable source...

Here for download is an excellent transfer of the single "
Big Ronnie":


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