Musicians Danny Johnson and Geoffrey Stapleton moved from Adelaide to Melbourne, Australia on the 13th of February 1978. On the 14th of April 1978 they decided to put a band together to play the "power pop" songs they were writing. That band would become The Aliens. By May 1979 they were attracting big crowds to their live gigs and "full house" signs were going up all over the inner city venues of Melbourne. They were courted by a number of major record companies but eventually signed to Mushroom Records on Wednesday 20th June 1979. They recorded their first single, “Confrontation”, with Charles Fisher producing and Steve Bywaters engineering. It was recorded between Saturday August 11th and Monday August 13th 1979, at Trafalgar Studios, Sydney, Australia, during a national tour with the band The Sports.

"Confrontation" got to #15 in Sydney and #35 in Brisbane...not bad for their first effort! In 1980 they had another hit with their single "Follow That Girl". It was one of those post punk sounding singles but failed to match the energy of "Confrontation" and only got to #42 nationally.

Here for download is their first hit "Confrontation":



  1. Thanks for the post!

    I went to see the Aliens at (i think) The Bombay Bicycle Club in Brunswick. Powerpop is a great way to describe them. I have the single and the album you show.

  2. The single & album versions are diff aren't they? I have the album so am pleased to get my hands on the better version - single - from you. Thanks!