Let There Be Peace” was written by Slater and Baulderstone as an anti Vietnam War song. It was recorded in 1970 and released in January 1971 by Freddy Hampton a singer who had earlier hits.

In 1965, he had “I’m Plannin’ Keepin’ You” on the W&G label and 1967 with “Felena Malone” on the Spin label. Freddy also had a group called Freddy Hampton’s Big Roll Movement which had band member Fred Payne who worked with Livi Smith’s Cleffs.

Let There Be Peace” got to #8 nationally. Not long after this hit Freddy joined with Shirley Smith to form the duo Freddy Hampton and Trik, they had two singles. Their memorable single “Hooch” was #4 nationally in 1971. Freddy then had another hit as Freddy Hampton and Paint: “Keep On Groovin’” in 1972 which was his last chart outing.

Here is "Let There Be Peace":


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