Lori Balmer (b.1958 - same year as moi!), is an Australian pop singer who started recording with the Bee Gees (around age 6-8). She has put out a number of records under her first name "Lori" and has been a session singer and appeared on TV, both in Australia and Britain. Through her family connection to the Gibb family she was offered two Barry Gibb songs to record "Who's Been Writing On The Wall Again " and "In Your World" which were both “A” and “B” sides of her third 7” single at the ripe old age of eight. Barry Gibb was supposedly on backing vocals.

Lori Balmer toured or recorded, under pseudonyms with many artists such as Tina Turner, Cliff Richard, Bryan Ferry, U2, Joe Cocker, George Harrison, Lionel Richie, Van Halen and Johnny Rotten. In the mid/late 1970s, at a less tender age, she released a number of singles in Australia. She eventually married John Vallins (ex-member of bands, Steve and The Board and Tin Tin) and formed a duo with him called Short Notice.

Here is Lori with husband John in their 1979 disco hit “La Booga Booga” which has not yet been on C.D. It is credited to Lori Balmer and Short Notice.


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  1. Hi and thanks. Do you have the BeeGees-related Lori singles? I've been looking for those 4 songs for a while now.