Graham Chapman was a late 1960s pop star who had emigrated from the U.K. He was groomed for the big time but never really made it past 1971 in Oz. He was also in a New Zealand band called "Salty Dogg".

Salty Dogg line-up:

Graham Chapman (Vocals)
Chris Gunn (Bass Guitar / Percussion)
Mike Harvey (Keyboards / Vocals)
Vic Williams (Drums / Percussion)
Martin Winch (Lead Guitar)

The Salty Dogg were an Auckland pop group formed in 1976. The group evolved out of Trinity, a group that included Billy Belton, Mike Walker and Vic Williams. They released two singles in their time, "Love To Play and Sing"/"All Gone Away" on Family and Parlophone in 1976, and "Face The Music"/"How Long Can This Go On" on EMI in 1977. These four songs all appeared on their only album "Love To Play and Sing" released on EMI in 1977.

Graham as a solo artist had about eight 7" singles and one EP in Oz but there was never an album and to date only one of his songs appears on C.D.


GEE I'M GONNA MISS YOU (Columbia) 1968 ("Time's Run Out", "Pardon Me Miss", "Now It's My Turn" and "I'm Gonna Miss You").


"Baby Let Your Hair Down"/"Feel So Good" (Kommotion) 1966

"Mr. Blue"/"Lover Girl" (Kommotion) 1966

"So Glad We Made It"/"Time's Run Out" (Columbia) 1967

"Gee I'm Gonna Miss You"/"Here I Am" (Columbia) 1968 #10

"Now It's My Turn"/"Pardon Me Miss " (Columbia) 1968 #28

"Goodbye Goodbye"/"Another Day Goes By" (Columbia) 1969

"Such a Boy" / "A Song That Never Comes" (DNZ) 1970

"Sing Along Song"/"Scratchin' My Head" (HMV) 1971

There are 3 sets of downloads...

* First, 3x extended 12" Tom Mix versions of "Gee I'm Gonna Miss You", "Now It's My Turn" and "Pardon Me Miss":


* Second, a film clip and song file of "Sing Along Song" and the 7" version of "Gee I'm Gonna Miss You":


Third, an extended 12" Tom Mix of "Baby Let Your Hair hand Down":


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