Ted Mulry (b: September 2, 1947 d: September 1, 2001) was a British-born singer, songwriter, bass player and guitarist who achieved success in Australia firstly, as a solo performer, and then leading his band Ted Mulry Gang. All his early work has been overlooked by C.D. compilers. One of his best singles occurred between his time as the singer of “love songs” and before he launched T.M.G. in 1975 with “Jump In My Car”.


Feb. 1970 "Julia" - #22, nationally - has been issued on CD.

Feb. 1971 "Falling in Love Again" - #6, nationally - has been issued on CD. This track was entered into the Tokyo International Popular Song Festival in 1970 and came 20th as far as I know. Someone from Israel came first.

Aug. 1971 "Marcia" - #33, nationally.

Nov. 1971 "Memories" - #23, nationally Feb. 1972.

May 1972 "Ain't It Nice" – also released in UK - has been issued on CD.

Oct. 1972 "I Won't Look Back" – released as 7” single from the album of the same name.

There is no comprehensive anthology, not even a decent early hits "Best Of”' CD which is a great shame, considering how many early hits he had prior to the formation of T.M.G. in 1975. After this date most of his T.M.G. songs have been on CD compilations ad nauseam.

My favourite Ted track is "I Won't Look Back" which came from the album of the same name…I didn’t really like the long version on the album because the middle section is self indulgent …but hey, that’s what rock is all about. It has a feel like the later T.M.G. work without the extra voices.

The version for download has been edited from the longer album vinyl version to match my original single which I wore out...Enjoy!



  1. Oh Tom. While I wholeheartedly agree that this is Ted's best record, I couldn't disagree more with your opinion of the 8 minute album version. It is true that during the early 70's particurlarly, everybody was trying to show of their instrumental prowess, whether they had any on or not, on many long jams. This led to many tediously extended songs. This however is not one of those as it is a structured extended track designed to show off the undoubted skills of 3 of our greatest & most acclaimed guitarists. Namely the brilliant Phil Manning (Chain), Billy Green (Doug Parkinson In Focus) & Ross Hannaford (Daddy Cool etc). Not to mention the late great Barry 'Big Goose" Sullivan (Chain/Renee Geyer Band) on bass. Carson's keyboardman John Capek & in demand drummer Geoff 'Coxy' Cox (Bootleg Family/Avalanche) long before he ventured into TV land for his 'Big Break". TMG were no doubt a great party band, especially live, but as musos this band wins hands down. Having said that, thanks muchly for giving this great track some long ovedue exposure.

  2. Any chance of a re-upload?