Hush was a 1970s pop group and became famous during frequent appearances on Countdown. Hush were formed, with Keith Lamb on vocals, in the Sydney suburb of Seven Hills in 1971 as a five piece band including a keyboardist. Hush first came to attention when they made the NSW finals of Australia's national rock band competition Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds in 1972. (Hoadley’s the sponsor was a famous confectionary maker responsible for the original Violet Crumble Bars, mmm). Hush first made the Australian charts in October 1973 with their own composition, "Get The Feeling" which got to #14 in Sydney and NSW. By this time they were down to the "classic" four-piece line-up of Keith Lamb (vocals), Les Gock (guitar), Rick Lum (bass) and Chris "Smiley" Pailthorpe (drums).

Get The Feeling” length-wise was about 2 mins 25 secs, which is short for a top 40 single in the Glam Rock Era! So…I made a longer version for BBQs and parties, back when I was working as a mobile D.J. My version runs at a more respectable 3 mins 30 secs. It was amazing how drunken revellers enjoyed this one! Cheers!

Get The Felling” for a little longer:


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  1. THis is a great song- good on you! Keith Lamb is surely one opf teh greatest rock voices of Aussie rock- legendary. THere is a great version of this on youtube- GTK..thanks Tom