Delilah was raised in Baltimore, Maryland USA, where she learned to sing in the local Pentecostal churches. Later, inspired by the gospel music, Delilah headed for San Francisco, singing Jazz and Rhythm & Blues in a Pizza Parlour. Delilah's undoubtable talents were quickly recognized alongside the likes of Sly Stone and Bobby Freeman. Bookings in Canada resulted and were followed by a successful trip to Japan. Delilah's professionalism was however then cultivated over a five-year period spent in Las Vegas. There, she appeared with people like Duke Ellington, Sammy Davis Jnr., Lou Rawls and Robert Goulet. A trip to Australia in the early 70s paved the way to a successful weekly television show "Just Delilah" followed amidst modelling assignments, stage shows and a film. It was around that time that Delilah decided to make Sydney her permanent home. She has appeared on every major national television show as a guest artist often singing big hits of the day. By 1976 Delilah made a big impact on the live disco scene and became firmly established on the club circuit. This was topped by a nomination as the "Queen of Discos". Delilah also performed in Tokyo at the World Popular Song Festival 1979.

Her hit disco single “My Guy” got to #44 in 1977 but the extended 12” version, which was a club hit well into the 1980s when I was working as a D.J., has never made it to C.D. The song was originally released on Miracle records a subsidiary of Wizard/RCA.

Here is "My Guy" the 12" mix:



  1. Hi

    I know this might be a stretch but do you have that other sultry lady of Oz music, Abagail's version of Je t'aime. I also suppose it had a B side, that would also be nice to hear. What is Abagail up to these days I wonder?


  2. Trev go to this URL (below) and buy the 4 CD collection as Abigail is on there along with many other goodies.

    I try not to provide things on my blog which you can buy. Support OZ music, please.