Bartholomew John (born John Suckling 24 August 1952 in Christchurch, N.Z.) is an adopted Aussie actor best known for his roles on television. He played Dr. Chris Piper in the Australian soap opera The Young Doctors from 1977 to 1979 followed by appearances in Skyways and Waterloo Station. More recent credits include: Murder Call, All Saints and Always Greener.

He released two singles on the Interfusion label in N.Z., the first in 1972 "Straight From A Rainbow"/"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" and the second in 1974 "Someone"/"Is This The End".

The “A” side "Someone", after charting in the N.Z. top 40, charted well in NSW and the got to #37 in June 1974. Bart relocated to Australia after this and released one more single in 1975 called "Getting Over You"/"That's The Way I Feel".

Here is his single of "Someone" which has not made it to C.D.:


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  1. Mr DJ

    Is it true Bart John the first Australian TV Ronald McDonald? He now has an assumed Amercian accent when doing time-life infomercials on cable.