Ariel was an Australian progressive rock band based around the duo Mike Rudd and Bill Putt, who formed the band in 1973 after the breakup of their previous group Spectrum - see further over at end of this blog for a rare version of "Ill Be Gone" by Spectrum.

Ariel had a slow chart run with nothing too spectacular to show for their effort. By early 1977 the band were stagnating. The breakup was announced in July 1977. Their final gig was a lavish affair with an "island" theme, held at Melbourne's Dallas Brooks Hall on 31 August 1977; it was recorded live and later released over two albums:
Aloha Ariel and Live - More From Before.

A farewell single, "It's Only Love", was released to coincide with the concert. The single got to #33 in late 1977.


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