Jigsaw were a Melbourne pop group that backed various artists who recorded on the Fable label. Best described as a country-pop band Jigsaw was formed in 1968 with foundation members who had been in The Tamlas, The Fabulous Blue Jays and The Phantoms. Jigsaw had hits in their own right but they usually worked in collaboration with Johnny Chester.

Their main Fable label singles include:

To Love Means To Be Free 1970
Yellow River 1970
Albert The Albatross 1971
A Rose Has To Die 1971
Shame and Scandal 1971 / with Johnny Chester
Glory Glory 1971 / with Johnny Chester
Gwen Congratulations 1971 / with Johnny Chester

How Do You Do 1972
Mademoiselle Ninette 1972
Ready Mix Revenge 1972 / with Johnny Chester
Midnight Bus 1972 / with Johnny Chester
The World’s Greatest Mum 1973 / with Johnny Chester

The download here is a Tom Mix edited version of the 1971 hit "Albert The Albatross". It was a song written by Hans Poulsen who was busy having hits of his own and he gave the song to Jigsaw. It was a major hit in Victoria for the boys. As far as I know it has never been released on CD but many of their other tracks have. Hans Poulsen has been issuing his own compilation CD of his early hits which you can buy directly from the artist himself (just search in Google).


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