The "voice" (Liv Maessen) and the "teeth" (Jimmy Hannan), had a go at a duet in the early 1970s. It sank without a ripple..."Love Is For The Two Of Us" has been put on CD once a long while back but the CD was off the market very quickly as it was on some budget label. Below is a link to the that ye olde duet.

Liv had a major top 40 hit with "Knock Knock Who's There" due to the big radio ban in the 1970-71 period. The stereo version has not been on CD as of yet. It was on the top of the charts for most of 1970.

Liv's first attempt at cracking the top 40 was with "Love Moth"...a really odd choice of title for a top 40 song - as nothing conveys
love like the word moth...

The 7" "Love Moth" single was in mono. The stereo album version has been released on CD over and over on budget compilations but never the single mix.

Below is the link to the extended stereo Tom Mix version of "Knock Knock Who's There" and an extended mono Tom Mix version of "Love Moth".

I hope you enjoy these 3 mixes as they are pretty rare versions of Liv classics.



The last link is to the Fable Music "Best Of" album Liv made during 1972 which contained some of her other hits, including the stereo version of "Snowbird". The link is to a company I rarely use and I apologize in advance if the link has been discontinued.



  1. Hi Tom,

    you say that "Liv had a major top 40 hit ...due to the big radio ban in the 1970 - 71 period". Can you elaborate on that please? Was there a ban on international music being played on radio?

    Also wondered if you had Ritzi's "Too Much Fandango" amongst your collection. Was only ever a hit here I think.


  2. Liv made the charts with Knock Knock who's there, Love Moth, and Snowbird. I think that's all there was. Love Moth is a song so comically bad that its great. The idea of being stung by a moth is scary.

  3. Hi Tom, you can't post "Did You Give The World Some Love Today Babe", the B-side of the Liv Maessen - Jimmy Hannan "Love Is For The Two Of Us" single, can you?

  4. Regretfully the link http://rapidshare.com/files/143243670/Liv.rar no longer is valid.
    I highly appreciate the other links to music of this artists I stumbled upon on YouTube.

  5. Where's the download at - Love Moth?