Tommy Leonetti (born Nicola Tomaso Leonetti 10th September 1929 U.S.A. - died 15th September 1979 Texas) was an American pop singer/songwriter and actor of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Leonetti acted in minor roles in American TV series: Gomer Pyle, I Spy, Hawaii Five-O, The Waltons and The Eddie Capra Mysteries.

Leonetti married American actress Cindy Robbins and was stepfather to her daughter Kimberly Beck. They lived in Sydney in the 1960s and 1970s before returning to live America. In Australia, his most famous song was "My City of Sydney" (written by Leonetti & Robert Troup) and was used by TV channel 7 for station identification into the 1980s.

His made-in-Australia hit was the 1968 smash “Let’s Take a Walk” with his step-daughter Kim. It was written by Tommy and Bobby Russell. It was a big hit in some states and charted well in foreign lands but I don’t think it did well in his homeland. Here in Oz, according to a Kimberly Beck fan site, she claims it was “number 1 for 26 weeks”.

Below is a link to the extended version:



  1. What a great classic. This falls into the category I call the 'lost 45's'. Tom, running at 2:45 this mix does not appear to be extended. Is that right? Gra

  2. Yes it is extended by a little bit....


  3. Tom

    What chance "My City Of Sydney" or does copyright not allow?

    Big Trev

  4. City of Sydney is already on CD. It was released a couple of times by different labels. Bob Rogers put it out in a series of easy listening CDs. It is probably in your local town library from whence you could borrow....and let it accidentally fall into your copy machine (lol).

  5. What an amazing web-site - real treasure trove of lost gems.
    I remember this one - not, I must admit, with much love, but it does take me back. Wow!

    Keep up the good work.


  6. This is a magic song. A rare treasure.