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Wazza was born in Newcastle NSW (according to one of my sources) and spent most of his life at the piano.
Warren played with John Konrad's Kaydets (1960) and in Johnny O'Keefe's backing band. Warren made many recordings for the Leedon label from 1961 to 1964, they are mostly in what has been described as "honky tonk" style. He went from backing and session work, to early appearances on Bandstand and Six O'Clock Rock, then to a long running gig on ABC TV Playschool as "Mr Music". His sons Darren and Mark have careers in country music nowadays. Warren's wife was also a performer.

Albums include:

"Li'l' Ole Me & My Piano"
"Party Time Piano"

"50 Years of Evergreens"
"36 Hollywood Hits"
"Warren Carr Plays Twin Honky Tonk Pianos"
"40 All Time Honky Tonk Hits"

E.P.s include:

"Li'l' Ole Mr Sunshine" 1961
"Warren Carr Plays Johnny O'Keefe" 1961
"Warren Carr Plays Rondo" 1962
"Toy Piano" 1963
"12 All Time Favourites" 1965

Singles include:

"You Are My Sunshine" / "Middle 8" 1961
"Li'l Old Me" / "Intro" 1961
"Rondo" / "Chopsticks" 1962
"Harry Lime Theme" / "My Colouring Book" 1963
"The Mexican Bug" / "Tokyo" circa 1965
"Life Is What You Make Of It" / "Ramblin'" 1972

Some of his singles have previously appeared on CD but are long deleted.

For download is the album "Party Time Piano With Warren Carr". Both of Warren's 1961 hits "You Are My Sunshine" and "Li'l' Ole Me" appear on this album but are in mono although the album is supposedly "stereo".

Side 1:

Corinne, Corina
In The Good Old Summer Time
Middle 8
Hot Toddy
That Happy Feeling
Li'L' Ole Me

Side 2:

The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
She's My baby
Right Now
You Are Mys Sunshine

Both sides of this album are in a zip file which has the regular password found elsewhere on this blog:



  1. The fam and I have spent an enjoyable Christmas this year (2010), listening to '40 All Time Honky Tonk Hits' by Warren Carr; have thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope he realises how awesome his piano skills are and that he has kept us entertained this year. You did a great job Wazza!!!!

  2. I am after A copy of the moir sisters so excited can someone please post smokiecat