This week I went to Maitland's Sunday Market and purchased a couple of rare old vinyl albums for $4 each. When I got home and put the "Stars Of Australian Clubs" album on my old turntable I found that it was badly scratched on a few tracks, gouged beyond help....I now remember why we got rid of vinyl...

I have been able to restore 10 out of 12 of the original tracks and in the case of the 2 others I have substituted alternate items, similar in age, to the ones I couldn't rescue. The 2 songs lost were "Anne" by Reg Lindsay and "She's My Baby" by Warren Carr.

Note: The first 2 songs on side one of the album, "You're Everything" by Don Lane & "Thunderball" by Sandy Scott, have been put on this bog previously, so I have substituted alternate tracks by the same artists to create my own "Stars Of Australian Clubs Vol.2".


Don Lane - City Boy Country Born*
Sandy Scott - Candy Kisses*
Jimmy Little - King Of The Road
Judy Stone - Needles & Pins
Bill Newman - Try A Little Tenderness
The Delltones - Sitting In The Moonlight
Col Joye - There Goes My Everything
Reg Lindsay - Queen Of The Starlight Ballroom*
Barry Crocker - Could It Be Love
Warren Carr - My Colouring Book*
Johnny O'Keefe - To Love Somebody
Lonnie Lee - Hello Love

The 12 songs are in one continuous 30 minute stereo mp3 zip file at 320KB.

The album artwork shown above is similar to the original cover but I have indicated that this is "Vol.2".

There is a password - the same one used on a number of items on this blog - type password into the search facility and it should come up.


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  1. Hiya! I've been frequently amazed by the tom tom mix you do on these classic tracks. (well, not this example I guess as it is the original, but you know what I mean).

    I'm a huge Models AND James Freud fan, and I was wondering if you did any remixes of Modern Girl, Enemy Lines, or Automatic Crazy, or indeed any Models tracks? (Two Cabs to the Toucan comes to mind as having huge scope for remix).

    Anyway, loving your site - all the best!