I have no accurate information on this song except what is gleened from the label. The singer Bebop is Brendan Hanley who lives in Byron Bay NSW and nowadays goes by the name of Mook Hanley. It was issued in 1980.

On listening, you will find that this song is funny in places and should have appealed to many at the time because it made fun of rich folk like Kerry Packer, Rupert Murdoch and their ilk...

The title "Ocker Don't Knock'er" refers to habit of us self-depricating Ozzies always putting Australia down.

Here is "Ocker Don't Knock'er":



  1. Do you know if Mook's music is available to buy anywhere? I had one of his cassette tapes when I was growing up (it had this song on it) but it broke a few years ago :(

  2. Hi this is Brendan "Mookx" Hanley in person. This song was written for and financed by John "Strop" Cornell and was to be promoted by the late Michael Magnus of Magnus, Nakervis and Curl agency in Sydney. The agency got cold feet at the last moment, Mike Willesee did a clip of it and ran it on his show, then Seven Records went belly up and that's all she wrote. I still do a live updated version of this song. Contact me at mookx@mookx.com