The Matchinations were an Oz band from the 1980s and have many songs to their credit but their record company have not issued many on CD.

Notable national hits included "Pressure Sway", "My Heart's On Fire" and "No Say In It". They also achieved indie prominence with the two versions of their first single, "Average Inadequacy".

The Machinations failed to achieve as much commercial success, either at home or abroad, as many of their peers. Nevertheless, the band had a cult following in dance clubs, by far their strongest supporters. In the old days when I was a mobile disc jokey they were a very popular club/pub dance band here in Newcastle. In my vinyl collection I have most of their 12" remixes but sadly only 2 of these have ever been issued on CD (in Germany).

Some of the early singles were produced by Lobby Loyde.


"Average Inadequacy"/"Arabia" 7"

"Average Inadequacy"/"Machinations of Dance" 7" - #98
"Jack"/"Be Double" 7"

"Pressure Sway"/"Pushbike" 7" - #21
"Pressure Sway"/"Pressure Sway"/"Pushbike" 12"

"Jumping The Gap"/"Terminal Wharf" 7"
"Jumping The Gap"/"Jumping The Gap II"/"Average Inadequacy" (American Mix) 12"

"No Say In It"/"Man Over Board" 7" - #14
"No Say In It" 12"
"My Heart's On Fire"/"Spark" 7"
"My Heart's On Fire" 12" -
"You Got Me Going Again"/"I Ain't Waitin' For No Train" 7" -
"Execution Of Love"/"Dusted Down" 7", 12"

"Do To You"/"Looking Out For You" 7" - #15
"Do To You" (The Pee Wee Cut)/"Done"/"Looking Out For You" 12"
"Do To You" (Fresh Berry Mix) 12"

"Intimacy"/"Hit By A Missile" 7" - #44
"Intimacy"/"Hit By A Missile" 12"

"Do It To Me"/"Normal" 7" - #69
"Cars and Planes" 7"

"Cars and Planes"/"Beats and Planes"/"Cars and Planes" (Live)" 12"

Here for download is an extended Tom Mix 12" of "Do It To Me" from a long deleted CD.



  1. Hey Tom Mix is there any chance of posting Do To You Fresh Berry Mix ?

  2. Hi ya Tom I am after a copy of the moir sisters so excited could you post it if you have it Ginger